we are the exceptions to the rules

The dream to make things work. The belief in the greatness of what can be achieved. The inspiration to be better. The urge to survive. And the profound joy to “get there.” This is our signature.

Founded at the heart of United Arab Emirates, invertium is a fully integrated marketing and communications agency with diverse expertise put together and passionately developed to be naturally inspirational, innovative, and vigorous to appeal and cater to the evolving demands of today’s market.

invertium sees beyond what eyes can grasp. We look at things from every perspective, understand your passions. Comprehend their precise meaning. And convey them with sincerity and care.

We do not see requirements as tasks to be fulfilled quickly. Instead, as a being which we live through, giving it out best, loving every bit of it and exceeding every expectation there may be.

That’s because, at invertium, our work is driven by our passion. And our passion is to make your own desires worthwhile.

beyond tag-lines

Dedicated to developing innovative concepts and contemporary approach, we aim to provide the most effective and suitable means of conveying your business identity and building your own trademark.

As a fully integrated marketing agency, we look at things from every given perspective, applying a 360 degrees approach and strategies, and works meticulously in positioning brands accurately.