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With invertium’s collective think-tank, we apply a robust methodology in providing comprehensive and relevant business intelligence to support your organization’s growth and development.


Apart from increasing the number of likes, followers, and connections on your pages, invertium adapts to the latest trends of social media and exhaust every feature, technique, and application in providing a useful tool to widen your brand’s network.


Beyond colour combinations, shape and size proportions, effects and opacities, invertium works according to the summation of innovative vision, paralleled with the accurate understanding of the message to be conveyed, applying intelligent approach and maintain obsessive focus to create and provide a strong visual statement that accurately reflects your brand’s philosophy, goals, and core values.


With the saturating amount of screaming online promotions from almost all types of businesses, developing a more compelling online marketing strategy is the key in setting your brand apart. invertium’s approach involves thorough research and analysis of the latest online tactics, trends, and technology, then collaborating them with a dominant brand positioning that results in a profound online presence.


Direct customer approach is the art of balancing persistence and subtlety that requires careful planning, so as not to be marked intrusive. invertium combines this classic approach with modern marketing methodologies to appealingly convey a call-to-action message that would encourage a positive response from your target market.


Nowadays, websites have evolved from a purely marketing tool into an effective medium of generating sales and profit. invertium defines the matching look, feel, and functionality for your websites, providing a web representation that is both elaborate and easy-to-use, generating total traffic and revenue into your business.


Behind every brilliant event is skillful management. We provide a complete range of event management services. We cover A-Z planning and execution process, from event budgeting to sponsorship tie-ups, venue search, and negotiations, event promotion and marketing, and signage and banners - so you can just sit back and watch invertium mold your event into an experience to remember.


A depiction of brand identity and effectiveness in conveying its promotional message defines the distinctive presence of any given display. invertium understands these necessities and applies out-of-the-box ideas to delivering expert exhibition solutions. Our experts, design unique exhibition stands that give every visitor the “wow” experience in the shortest timeframe, leaving your stand with the buzz that makes it literally stand out.


Accurate representation of your brand identity and quality that is worth the second and even the third look - these are the key in making a remarkable visual graphics that stand out. Be it indoor or outdoor, invertium understands the nuts and bolts of implementing signages with diverse graphics options that surpasses any given dimensional limitations and location conditions.